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Propane tank does not fill Propane tank was not purged properly Take it to an authorized propane station and re-purge the propane tank The purging process requires that all air is removed from the propane tank prior to the first fill
The OPD float valve on the propane tank has been activated, closing the valve and not allowing the tank to fill. Without the burner, attach the regulator to the propane tank, turn the control valve on for a few seconds to reset the OPD float valve The OPD float valve is a safety device which is activated when the propane tank has been filled too quickly
Smelling propane / Leaking Set screw on the side of the propane tank valve assembly is not tight Use a flat blade screwdriver to tighten the set screw  
Propane tank was overfilled Bleed excess propane by opening the set screw on the side on the valve. DO NOT OVERFILL the propane tank. When filled, the total weight of the tank + propane is less than 40 lbs, or the total amount of propane is less than 4 gals.
Control valve is not completely
shut off
To shut it off, push in the control knob and completely turn it to the right The far left position on the control valve is in the lowest setting, not in the OFF position
Venturi tube is obstructed Take out the straight portion of the venturi tube and remove the obstruction  
Venturi tube is not correctly positioned on the control valve Slide the venturi tube completely over the control valve assembly. The vents should be in the EAST / WEST position. The vents are on the end of the straight tube.

Flame problems:

• NO flame

• Intermittent flame

• Low flame

The tank was not purged properly, it contains of mixture of air and propane. The result is intermittent flame, or flame extinguishes in a short period of time. Burn off remaining propane and re-purge the tank The purging process requires that ALL air is removed from the propane tank prior to the first fill to ensure maximum efficiency.
In cooler temperatures, the liquid propane does not convert quickly enough to a gas therefore causing it to “freeze” the outside of the propane tank Turn down the flame slightly to where the control valve is not wide open  
The regulator was not properly attached to the propane tank Disconnect the regulator and re-connect it properly to the propane tank  
Venturi tube is obstructed Take out the straight portion of the venturi tube and remove the obstruction  
Flame setting too low Turn control know to the right for a higher flame setting  
1. Remove the table top burner from the base.
2. Make sure the regulator is hooked up to the propane tank with the control valve turned OFF.
3. Turn the propane tank ON. Wait a few seconds a smell for possible leaks where the regulator
hose is attached to the control valve or where the regulator is attached to the propane tank.
4. Use soapy water and apply to these areas to verify the leak source.


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